Summer Self Care Ideas

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I love the summertime. It’s easy to want fall or spring back when the humidity comes but this year I’m trying -an extra amount- to love each moment and feel the warmth of the day. I looked out the front … Continued

My First and Favorite Crochet Socks

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Guys, I’ve never made crochet-ed socks before. These socks are now on my list of favorite patterns! I thought it was going to be so much harder than it actually was. This pattern was easy, simple, and taught me a … Continued

Review : Water Brush Pen Set

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The water brush pen set is a great purchase if you are into doing anything with watercolor crafts. They do have specific advantages though. In order to help you decide whether they would be good for you, here’s a list … Continued

DIY Winter Activities

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DIY Winter Activities for Couples, Friends, and Family. These ideas are great for couples looking for something simple and easy to do to spend time together OR the child of yours that keeps saying he’s bored OR a group of … Continued

Watercolor Christmas Cards

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Watercolor Christmas Cards Watercoloring! It’s fun as a kid, but have you tried it as an adult? You’ve gotta try it. It has been my go-to craft lately. I love to watch the colors hit the water and spread out. … Continued