Calm Anxiety with Adult Coloring: Plus Free Coloring Pages

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Have you tried breathing techniques, reading a book, going outside, but your anxieties just keep racing through your head? Maybe none of those ideas sound good right now but you need to work through the stress.

When it is building and getting more and more overwhelming, I need creative options to get through the moment of panic.“>Want FREE Adult Coloring Pages, click here.

It really bugs me when I can’t shake the anxiety. I feel the room get smaller and my heart beat louder. You likely relate and are looking to get free adult coloring pages that can relieve the anxiety and stress in your life, but you want to know a little more.

Why would coloring help my anxiety?

First, you’ve probably been told about the idea of left and right sides of the brain. A real-life example would be when you’re in Math class the left is used for thinking logically while the right side of the brain is used more in an art class.

Healthline has a great“>article with a cool picture showing the comparison of the left and right brain. Check it out.

Coloring makes your brain work differently.

I was sitting in the waiting room of my counselor’s office. My appointment was supposed to start, but for some reason, the appointment before me was going late.

I felt good on the drive there. Getting there via nice, open roads surrounded by cornfields and farms and small houses. It’s a longer than normal drive but I don’t mind. It helps me clear my head.

But as soon as I sat down after being checked in, I could feel the anxiety come on. I couldn’t distract myself with my phone and I couldn’t go for a walk. There I was, stuck in a lobby with witnesses of an untimely panic attack.

I don’t want this to sound overdramatic because I don’t have these moments often. My panic attacks are minimal and my anxiety is mild. It is important to me to share that so my message is heard by the right ears.

So, I finally got into my counselor’s office and told her how difficult the simple few minutes of waiting was. And she gave me some great advice…

Make your brain work differently

  • Take notice of the room
  • How does it feel to sit in your chair? Is it comfy? Stiff?
  • What do the walls look like? List the colors or patterns
  • If there’s a pillow, what does it look like and feel like?

You see, we need the right side to balance the left side. When “logic” tells me I need to feel anxious and worry about ____, I have learned to breathe and focus on something else for a few minutes.

Color away the anxiety with“>these free pages.

Then, when I feel I can rationally think about the situation, that’s when I can think of what to do to solve it. I believe there is a better way to solve our chaos than by worrying continuously.

Sometimes stepping back and not focusing on the problem allows our brain to have a new perspective.

This is what happens in crime and detective shows. They can’t figure something out so they get distracted by something in a new scene and eventually that leads them to figure it all out. Just watch, it happens quite often once you are aware of it.

What do you prefer when it comes to coloring pages?

For me, it just depends on the day and place. I have used elegant and beautiful Christian coloring books. The books I used as a little girl are also really fun. What I really appreciate about creating my own coloring pages is that I can do a little bit of both. I can make it fancy and simple. It doesn’t need to be overcomplicated and never-ending.

Having a good mixture works best for me. I don’t want the same type of picture every time. So, what do you prefer? Reply in the comments and I’ll take that in consideration for my next batch of adult coloring pages.

Detailed (Adult) vs Simple (Kids) Coloring Books

  • The very detailed coloring pages are great for anxiety because they make you focus on coloring-in each tiny space.
  • The less detailed and more childlike pages are great if you are the type who likes to finish what you start. It can be hard to stop without a finished product. Some don’t like leaving it before it’s completed.
  • I like both. The detailed ones that take coming back to finish. As well as the easy, simple pictures that a don’t require much effort.

Words or Just Patterns?

There are some pages that have a phrase or saying. Then, there are others that are just a pattern or picture to color. Of course, this is a basic way to look at pages but I find it interesting what people enjoy.

  • Would you rather color in a page that has a saying (or word) you love
  • Or would you rather color in, for example, a flower that has patterned petals or leaves?

I think there’s a place for both, whether you want to be reflective of how you’re feeling through a saying, or you want to just color in the details of a pattern.

Friend, you weren’t meant to carry the load alone. I pray these coloring pages allow your stress and anxiety to be placed back into the hands of the One who loves you. May the room you color in be filled with creativity and rest.

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